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Club clothing can be purchased from -

While Alne CC cannot guarantee the products or services listed below, they have all been recommended by players or members of the club.
So, we thought it would be good to share those recommendations with you. 
The Mangled Bat Company
At the Mangled bat company, our aim is to make the best possible bat from each individual cleft of English willow. Made in Yorkshire using English willow from the southeast, each and every one of our bats is hand shaped and pressed to suit the individual cleft used. Our bats are pressed to give optimum performance without compromising the lifespan of the bat, therefore producing quality bats that will last at very reasonable prices.
Kippax Cricket Bats
From Sapling to the Ashes
When you hold a Kippax Cricket bat in your hands you are linked to over 50 years of tradition and quality. For the bat you hold has been raised from Sapling in our very own Yorkshire Willow woodlands. The craftsmen and women who turn our Willow clefts into world class cricket bats are long serving experts who take immense pride in their work.
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